Boot Hill Museum

Come and Visit the World Famous Boot Hill Museum

Travel back in time to the dusty streets of the 1870’s and 1880’s on Front Street at Boot Hill Museum. Any season of the year, a visit to the Old West will transport you to an exciting era.

Boot Hill Museum boardwalk

Boot Hill Museum is a historical museum that provides your family with an exciting and interactive experience. Historical exhibits illustrate the life and times of early Dodge City and its unique characters and thriving economy. Stroll down the boardwalk and peer through the windows into a time long gone by. Plant your feet atop of the original Boot Hill Cemetery located in the heart of modern-day Dodge City.

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Unique Experiences

While the Museum is open 362 days a year, throughout the summer months, historical interpreters provide you with endless entertainment. You can enjoy one of the best country-style meals in the American West. Witness exciting gunfights between the good guys and the bad guys, listen to Miss Kitty croon in the Long Branch while the Can-Can girls kick up their heels, and experience Dodge City’s history through many different historical reenactments. Interactive displays throughout the museum provide year-round entertainment and a unique learning experience.

It is recommended to make reservations for the Variety Show and Country-Style Dinner. Call 620-227-8188 to get your evening scheduled!
Reserve tickets in advance